• Upon receipt of an order we provide confirmation within one business day.
  • Our team reviews the drawing or sample guide provided.
  • State of the art software is used to create a CAD model.
  • Drawings are generated and reviewed with you to ensure target sizes are to your individual specifications.
  • After design confirmation is complete, one of our certified Journeyman Machinists manipulates the solid model created by our Design team and generates the machine movements required to manufacture your guides.
  • 100% of your guides are fully inspected by our Quality Control department –twice – before shipping.

Saw guides are the most dimensionally critical components in your mill. The need for accurate, consistent guides is paramount to any sawmills success. Precision Guide understands your mills requirements and we guarantee a heel (guide arm) tolerance of +/- 0.00025”.

Achieving and guaranteeing such an extreme tolerance requires not only state of the art equipment and employees but an unparalleled dedication to inspection and quality control. Our product standards and commitment to our customers is unmatched in the industry.

Precision Machinery understands the trust our customers place in us. We take great pride in producing only the highest quality products. You can rely on Precision as your peace of mind supplier knowing that our guides will keep your mill producing and profitable.


Aluminum guides are available with your choice of the following options:

  • Material
  • 2014, 6061, or 7075 aerospace grades
  • Plain threaded holes or threaded steel inserts


Steel guides are Precision ground and available with the following options:

  • Material
  • 44W, QT100, AR400, or QT500
  • Industrial Hard Chromed and ground heels
  • Bare metal or Corrosion resistant coating

Our Aluminum Saw Guides are ONLY available with the highest quality type-3 engineered hard-coat anodizing. We refuse to provide inferior products and as a result do not offer less-durable colored anodizing